The independents triumphed as the majority party in cantonment elections in Multan on Saturday as they won four out of 10 seats while both the ruling PML-N and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) could clinch three constituencies each, disclosed the unofficial result.

The PML-N sources claimed that all the four independent candidates were backed by their party and they would soon announce joining the party. The official result will be declared on April 28.  

The polling began at 8:00am amid tight security and continued till 5:00pm in peaceful manner. No untoward incident was reported from any area as 20 army jawans, 10 policemen and five lady police personnel were deployed at each polling station. Almost 50 per cent of total 11243 voters from eight wards used their right to vote.

As many as 26 candidates were in the run from eight constituencies (wards) of Multan Cantonment while the candidates in two wards had won unopposed. The PML-N candidate from Ward-3 Ch. Tariq Niaz and PTI candidate from Ward-10 Col (r) Zaigham Tayyab won unopposed.

According to the unofficial result, Rana Muhammad Ashraf of PML-N got 594 votes and defeated PTI's Mehr Ghulam Farid with a difference of 289 votes in Ward No-1. The PTI candidate bagged 305 votes. In Ward No-2, independent candidate Sheikh Muhammad Aslam defeated PTI's Muzammil Shah and N League's Khalil Ahmad. Sheikh Aslam got 159 votes while his opponents Muzammil Shah 115 and Khalil Ahmad 105. The winner announced to join PML-N. The election in Ward No-4 was swept by PTI's Saed Moni, who defeated PML-N's Abdul Haq Khan and independent Waqar Awan. Moni got 445 votes while Abdul Haq Khan 378 and Waqar Awan 305. The PML-N candidate Khalid Asad triumphed in Ward No-5 with 296 votes while PTI's Kalbe Abid could get just 35 and independent Akhtar Rasool 99 votes. The seat in Ward No-6 was clinched away by PTI's Yaqoob Khokhar, who got 454 votes while PML-N's Nadem Shah got 428. The election in Ward No-7 was won by an independent candidate Humayun Akbar, who defeated Haji Fazal Hussain of PTI. The winner got 390 votes while Haji Fazal could get 256. An independent candidate Khurshid Khan defeated all others in Ward No-8. Mr. Khan got 253 votes, Tariq Kareem, another independent, 144 and PTI's Saleem Nasir 209. The election in Ward No-9 was won by Shamshad Ali, independent, who defeated another independent Muhammad Irfan. The winner got 370 votes while the loser 229.

In Sialkot Cantt, the PML-N won four seats while the PTI could win only a single seat out of total five seats in LB polls held in Sialkot Cantt here. The PTI won the single after a very close contest with PML-N in ward No.4.

The names of winning candidates are: Zahid Nadeem Shamsi (PML-N, ward No.1), Malik Waheed Ahmed (PML-N, ward No. 2), Mushtaq Ahmed Qadri (PML-N, ward No.3), Syed Ahmed Raza (PTI, ward No.4) and Atif Muneer (PML-N, ward No.5).

In Bahawalpur, according to unofficial results of Cantt Board Elections 2015 from Ward No-1 independent candidate Rehan Bin Javed won the election by securing 596 votes while Imran Ahmad Mani of PTI remained runner up with 566 votes.

In Ward No-2, Independent candidate Mehboob Mahtam won by securing 1,496 votes while independent candidate Ra Saadiq remained runner up with 896 votes.

Similarly, in Ward No-3, independent candidate Khan Muhammad Sial won the election by securing 1,314 votes while PML-N's Syed Muhammad Ali remained runner up with 933 votes.

In Sargodha, PML-N won four seats of the Cantt Board elections while PTI secured two seats and 4 seats went to independent candidates while PPP and Jamaat-e-Islami failed to get any seat.

As per unofficial, in Ward No-1 PML-N candidate Malik Mohammad Ashraf won with 966 votes against PTI candidate Awais Zahoor who got 531 votes. Ward No-2 was won by PML-N Bilal Khalid with 713 votes while PTI Arshad Warraich remained runner up with 534. In Ward No-3 Raja Shehzad Anwar of PML-N was declared winner with 949 votes against Independent candidate Jawad Khurram who got 804 votes and PTI's Bashir Haral who got 689 votes.

Similarly PML-N man Irfan Muzamal Shah emerged victorious from Ward No-4 with 1,300 votes against PTI's Imdad Hussain. In Ward No-5 Independent Umer Farooq got 945 and was declared winner against PML-N's Hakeem Mohammad Akram who got 657 votes.

In Ward No-6 PTI candidate Mohammad Arshad got victory with 1,292 votes against his rival PML-N's Zawar Hussain who got 1,010 votes. In Ward No-7 Asif Kahloon of PTI was declared successful. In Ward No-8 Independent Rao Junaid Ali emerged victorious. In Ward No-9 Independent candidate Touqeer Gujjar got success with 1,405 votes against PML-N's Sajjid Iqbal who got 867. In Ward No-1, Independent candidate Mian Nadeem got 1,807 votes against his rival PML-N candidate Zahid Akhtar who got 1,050 votes.

A total of 66 candidates contested for the 10 seats of the Cantt board elections.

In Gujranwala, PML-N stood first by securing five seats while PTI got two and one went to independent candidate in Cantt board election.

The results of two seats are awaited till filing of this report. According to unofficial results, PML-N candidate Tahir Farooq won in Ward No-1 with 1,503 votes while Muhammad Arshad of PTI remained runner up with 552 votes, in Ward No-3, PML-N candidate Muhammad Tanvir won with 867 votes while PTI candidate Hamayun Rashid got 840 votes. Similarly PTI candidate Nasir Hussain won in Ward No-4 by getting 959 votes while his opponent PML-N candidate Shabbir got 744. In Ward No-6 Shahbaz Rashid of PML-N won with 1,069 votes while PTI candidate Asghar Warriach got 950, in Ward No-7 PTI's candidate Ghulam Qadir was declared successful with 876 votes and independent candidate Khalid Butt got 709 votes. In Ward No-9, PML-N candidate Ch Nawaz scored 1,252 votes while Mohsin Tanvir of PTI got 527, In Ward No-10 PML-N candidate Mohsin Naveed won by getting 512 votes.

Meanwhile, PTI and PML-N workers chanted slogans against each other in Gujranwala at ward no-7. However, the police controlled the situation and detained five people following the incident.