LAHORE - Noted Indian liver transplant surgeon Prof Sanjay Singh Negi has said that increase in Hepatitis D patients in Pakistan was dangerous not only for the country but also for the region.

Addressing a press conference at Pak Healthcare Centre here Saturday, he said Hepatitis D could develop only in patients carrying Hepatitis B virus. Dr Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman was also present.

“Hepatitis D patients are increasing rapidly in Pakistan. The situation is not alarming in India. Hepatitis D can develop only in patients carrying type B virus. Hepatitis D cannot develop alone in human body. Rapid increase in Hepatitis D patient is dangerous for the entire region”, said Prof Sanjay Singh Negi, Head of Department BLK Hospital New Delhi. He has so far carried out over 500 liver transplantation surgeries. Prof Negi said that Pakistan was behind in liver transplantation due to delay in taking initiative.

“In India, work on liver transplantation was started in 1998. In Pakistan, the government lacks initiative to provide necessary treatment/surgery to Hepatitis patients”, he said.