ISLAMABAD - Pakistan cricket team’s downfall continues unabated as Bangladesh trashed green caps in one-off T-20 International to pile more misery and it also badly exposed wrong team selection. Tall claims made by chief selector Haroon Rashid have proved wrong and Waqar Younis and company had badly failed to lift the morale of the team when it needed most.

After shameful loss in the One Day Internationals, where Banglai Tigers impose whitewash on green caps, it was though PCB chairman might wake-up from deep slumber and take some bold decisions. But as per expectations, Shahryar Khan showed his haplessness and it is now quite clear Najam Sethi enjoys all the powers, while others are just simply following his directives. Shahryar instead of immediately terminating contracts of coaching staff and just expressed his disappointment despite demand from masses for a stern action.

The way Ahmed Shahzad and others played, it was quite obvious they were under tremendous pressure. It was not extra-ordinary Bangladeshi bowling or batting, instead it was lack of team plan and spirit, which resulted in sheer humiliation for Pakistan in Dhaka. It also proved Misbah was the best leader and player under current circumstances. Now Waqar and company must explain why the team flopped miserably and on what grounds Umar Akmal and other genuine talented players were ignored for the series. M Rizwan had played one good innings and Sarfraz failed in both appearances. Waqar has personal issues with Sarfraz right from the World Cup, which is hampering the performance of the wicket-keeper batsman. The PCB must seek explanation from head coach as on what grounds and reasons Sarfraz was ignored while a rookie like Rizwan was preferred. It is also a misfortune that Prime Minister, who is the patron in chief of the PCB, is not taking any action nor he is bothered about fast declining fortunes of the national team.

It was very poor umpiring and equally pathetic captaincy by Shahid Afridi. Pakistan started very slowly as Shahzad and debutant Mukhtar Ahmed wasted too many deliveries. Shahzad was completely out of sorts and was living very dangerously before he finally perished after consuming too many deliveries. Pakistan’s coaching staff role was nowhere. Pakistan repeated same silly mistakes in three ODIs and then in the T20. Batsmen failed to rotate strike. One can't hit every ball out of the park and rotation of strike holds the key to post decent totals on the board and it also diverts the pressure on the fielding side. But no heed was paid on this particular area. Mukhtar was looking over ambitious and was trying to invent strokes. Shhazad was struggling badly and was well short of confidence and all is just because of ever arrogant Waqay Younis coaching. Now he had created new record of leading Pakistan national team to five series defeats on trot, but reasons best known to Sethi and company, he is still making all the shots and enjoying unprecedented support, which is quite strange as no one in the past had such liberty of inflicting huge damages and still clinging onto the post.

The ICC is sleeping and had closed their eyes when it comes to sufferings of Pakistan team. Biased Bangladeshi umpires played their part quite effectively. The PCB must at least register their concern and protest on umpiring decisions to ICC but who will bell the cat. Pakistani bowlers were especially given a real trashing by the Bangladeshi batsmen. The so-called world’s top bowlers were given a real bashing by the Bangladeshi batsmen and to make things further worst, anti-Pakistani Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid was laughing and enjoying the entire situation. Things don't look normal and there is a strong feeling among the masses something might be fishy. Hasina's presence and her confidence tell other side of the story. She could not even dare to remain at the stadium had Pakistan team entered with game plan and able coaching staff, but Waqar and company brought this day.

As Pakistani team is on a consistent decline, only God knows better how much pain and agony masses had to suffer at the hands of the inept top brass of the PCB and who would act to sort out the things. What is preventing the PCB chief from removing highly incompetent Waqar and company as they are known tainted persons and had inflicted huge damages to reputation of the country in the past and now are up in arms again to destroy Pakistan cricket.

Afridi must explain why he preferred Sohail Tanvir at a very crucial stage. Sohail just wasted too many precious deliveries. Pakistan could have post a total beyond 150, but Afridi's poor tactics restricted team to a very modest total. Time is fast running out, masses patience had long ran out. Any further delays in taking stern action against the responsible persons would further aggravate the situation. It is hoped in the best interest of the nation and team, that PM Nawaz Sharif finally take notice of entire issue before things get out of control as any further delays could inflict huge damages, which Pakistan team may take years to recover.