While blaming Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for "current rocky relations and distrust" between Pakistan and the Arab world, Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Bloch has said that Jamaat will extend all sort of support to defend Saudi Arabia against any foreign aggression.

While speaking at a press conference here on Saturday, Baloch said that Nawaz and his government's imprudent foreign policy should be blamed for the current impasse and mistrust between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations.

He claimed that the whole nation was behind Saudi Arabia to defend its territorial integrity, which had been threatened by Houthi rebels.   While welcoming Chinese president's recent visit, Baloch said that the Chinese investment in the form of loan would have to be utilised judiciously as Pakistan was already reeling under the burden of $65 billion debt. He said that the investment should be used as a trust and any mismanagement in the use of funds would hurt the trust of China, which was Pakistan's close and trusted friend.

To a question on the outcome of NA-246 constituency, he said that the JI had strong vote bank in Karachi and it would continue its politics in the city. He said that their workers and supporters braved many challenges while campaigning for their candidate in the stronghold of MQM. He said that the party supporters remained steadfast throughout the polling process despite difficulties and challenges.

To another question, he said that investors would shy away from Pakistan unless the energy issue was brought under control.