A person has to be highly impressive and inspiring to have something named after them. This is exactly what happened when NASA scientist Amy Mainzer decided to immortalize Malala by naming an asteroid after her. Malala has been enjoying a stellar career, as numerous international awards and accolades, including the Nobel Peace Prize have celebrated her invigorating contributions towards female education. It is saddening to see, that while the whole world appreciates Malala, we have abandoned her, like all those martyrs who have fallen victims to the barbarity of the Taliban.

The Pakistani people have not honored her in a way that she should have been. Instead the word Malala has become a very controversial topic that liberates all sorts of criticisms and devious speculations. But I must ask one question, what has Malala done for girl’s education in Pakistan? How many schools has she built and where are they?


United Kingdom, April 15.