The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) started assessment and monitoring of five sectors, as soon as the announcement was made, the automobile manufacturing industry registered a 73% increase in sales although everyone in Pakistan is aware that automobile sale has not changed since last year, the record shows that automobile companies have registered higher sale this year. This would mean that the monitoring of CCP has forced the automobile manufacturers to show their actual record. Similarly a year ago, the FBR had made a startling discovery they had found records of IT equipment sale of two major brands, from an Islamabad distributor had shown an unofficial secret sale of IT equipment in the tune to billions of rupees in grey trade without paying any taxes.

These and other stories have highlighted the fact that in Pakistan, not even international brands are being sold by proper channel. This also highlights that importers and multinational companies also deal in illegal activities. I have also complained to the CCP about the sugar industry mafia that is not only cheating the poor farmers but is also cheating the Government and the public as well but unfortunately the CCP has not announced any action or investigation.


Peshawar, April 14.