Islamabad: Two C-130 aircrafts carrying 30 bedded  hospital, special search and rescue  teams and relief items to provide relief to the earthquake victims in Nepal, reached Kathmandu today. 30 bedded hospital which comprises Pakistan army doctors team of specialists which include Surgical, Medical, orthopedic, gynecologist, anesthesiologist, child specialist, radiologist and paramedics is being established in earthquake hit area.

The relief items were handed over to the Nepalese authorities for distribution among the needy. Pakistan is among the first few countries that have dispatched relief items and sent medical team, to assist in the earthquake affected areas.

An Urban search and rescue team of Pakistan Army which is highly specialized for rescue, during natural disasters has started rescue operation immediately, after they reached there. The Urban search and rescue team is equipped with ground penetrating radars, concrete cutter. The team is specially trained to search people trapped in rubble. It also carries sniffing dogs

Food items dispatched include 2000 meal ready to eat packs, eatables, water bottles, medicines, 200 tents, 600 blankets and other necessary items.