Ameen:     Man, that earthquake in Nepal. Horrific. Really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Sadiq:     Horrible news, but what do you mean?

Ameen:     I mean, we spend our days and nights without any thought towards the inevitable end. We pretend that we’re here forever whereas the truth is that the ground might start shaking this very moment and bring the ceiling down on us.

Sadiq:     I’m not a huge fan of this line of thinking; this whole life might end at any moment so you must be prepared, or have fun, or pray, or work – the second part of the sentence varies with the person making it. Surely, we ought to have better reasons for doing what we do than threat of imminent, sudden death. There is a lot more around us that should guide our lives other than falling bodies. It’s just morbid, if you ask me.

Ameen:     Sadiq, I’m not saying that you should base your entire life on the possibility and inevitability of your demise. Just that we should not be completely oblivious to it as we usually are. Though now that I think of it, maybe that is not such a bad idea. Why not? Don't you think people would behave better?

Sadiq:     No, I do not think so. Popular religions discuss end of days to a great extent. Some make it a central point of belief. But, look around.