There is a Department of Veterans Affair (VA) in the USA that looks after the welfare of retired soldiers. One of its major duties is to establish and maintain hospitals for the veterans which employ doctors of all nationalities naturalized as US citizens. But during the last one decade, due to extensive military deployments abroad, a number of foreign national doctors, including Pakistanis, have also been engaged. In view of recent military draw downs and other austerity measures, the foreign national doctors are going to be discharged and replaced by the US citizens. Due to the end of antiterrorist campaign in Afghanistan, the US does not seem to require Pakistan’s cooperation to the previous extent and so it looks like the first casualty of this retrenchment are going to be Pakistani citizen doctors.

I have a green-card holder cousin who is a doctor working at a VA hospital in Texas for the last 9 years. He has an excellent record of service and is also due to be naturalized as US citizen, just 2 months after the date of expiry of his VA hospital contract. The government of the United States of America is requested to take pity on him and other similar affectees and let them stay at the VA hospitals as they are most likely to become US citizens shortly.


Multan, April 13.