KARACHI - Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Monday punished Ahmed Shehzad over breaking the dressing room glass of Faisalabad’s Iqbal Stadium after the batsman failed to reach his half century during a Pakistan Cup game. The Pakistani opening batsman reportedly got furious after failing to score a century in the Pakistan Cup tie against Balochistan and broke the glass of a dressing room in the stadium. Ahmed Shehzad managed to score 79 runs from 70 balls after hitting 10 boundaries in the game.

The PCB took notice of the incident and has asked Shehzad to get the glass fixed with his own match fee. Ahmed Shehzad has denied that he broke the glass intentionally. He also said that the PCB had not conveyed anything to him in this regard.

He also said that batsmen mostly throw their bats into their bags after getting out cheaply or when they fell prey of nervous 90’s. The batsman said that his cricket bag was kept against the glass in the dressing room. “Maybe it happened when I threw my bat into the bag which also hit the glass in the process.” It should be noted that this is not the first time that Shehzad has been in the news over his acts. He was caught doing an “unexplainable” dance during a Pakistan Super League (PSL) match and also was found guilty in misbehaving with seniors as well as national team’s supporting staff. The ECB and other boards have banned their cricketers for playing who have been found misbehaving or misconducting. A serious action against Shehzad is the dire need of the hour which was also suggested by the outgoing coach Waqar Younis.