All the banks have received 313,619 applications for government’s Hajj scheme which include 72,388 in Habib Bank, 68,583 in Muslim Commercial Bank, 43,644 in United Bank Limited, 41,291 in Meezan Bank, 30,613 in Allied Bank and 27,681 in National Bank.

As per details, Wednesday was the last day to submit Hajj applications under government’s scheme with the draw due to be held on April 28 as announced by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

At least 107,526 pilgrims will perform Hajj under government scheme and 71000 through private tour operators. Approximately 189,210 Pakistani will travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

Earlier on April 12, the cabinet restored the previous quota of Hajj. The cabinet decided to not swell the expenditure and retain the reserved amount of funds as per previous practice.

Expenses of 60 percent of the pilgrims are to be taken care of by the government while 40 percent of the pilgrims will use services of private Hajj operators.