ISLAMABAD - Phase-2 of the sixth census 2017 commenced on Tuesday in the remaining 87 districts across the country which will be completed on 25 May 2017.

According to ISPR, the census team comprising civil enumerators and army personnel visited Army House, Rawalpindi for registration of necessary data.

The Phase-2 of the census also entails movement of civil and military enumerators to designated districts including villages and houses located close to LOC.

As part of confidence building measures and afford requisite fore-warning, Indian Army has been approached through Hotline Contact and asked to inform ground troops about movement of civil and military enumerators to civil populated areas lying close to LOC in AJ&K and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The step is aimed at ensuring safety and security of civil and military personnel in wake of unprovoked targeting and persistent ceasefire violations by Indian Army. Earlier, similar arrangements were made prior to commencement of census Phase-1.



Director General of Military Operations of Pakistan established a contact with Indian counterpart over the hotline on Tuesday to ensure safety of enumerators and census officials.

Enumerators are visiting villages and rural localities that fall near to the Line of Control and are at constant threat owing to Indian troops unprovoked firing.

Pakistani DGMO has demanded off Indian counterpart to check LoC ceasefires to ensure safety of the census teams.

The government launched Pakistan’s sixth census on March 15 that is scheduled to conclude on May 15. It is the first census in Pakistan in the last 19 years.