The issue of charging negligent parents who’s act or omission result in the death of their children is rather disturbing and one eliciting mixed reaction many field at losing their children is punishment enough for the parents and that they need not be put through further torment. Some feel that negligent parents should be charged at there are too many cases of missing children as a result of carelessness parents who intentionally harm or ill-treat their children should be punished under the child act for negligence. 

Generally, no sane parent would harm their child or put them in dangerous situation. The rampant incidence of parental negligence and the loss of young life warrants some form of punishment as a deterrent. Newspapers have been publishing reports, teachers and letters on the need for parents to be extra vigilant and responsible with their young. But somehow, all these must have fallen on deaf years because we still read of tragic events involving toddlers who died because of the carelessness of adult. 

Then there are the children who go missing in playgrounds, grocery shops and market places. Young children without adult supervision are easy targets for abductors. However, leaving young children untended in vehicles tops the list of parental negligence. 

More importantly, prevention is better than cure and parents should exercise grater caution over the welfare and safety of their children. 

Parents are responsible for the safety and security of their children. Tragedy can happen in a split second. Parents have to play their role and be alert and responsible at all times when they have small children. 

Ignorance and negligence are no excuse in a court of law. WE can not have parents blaming “Fate” for the deaths of their children. Far too many children have been lost through the negligence of parents and caregivers. It’s about time that they are charged. 


Karachi, April 2.