The dilemma of our country is that no matter what happens, we become hell bent on derailing the democratic system, which has been established though effort and painful experience. The Panama papers which held the names of the children of the Prime Minister and their offshore companies were revealed last year and since then there has been much political turmoil in the country. Despite every kind of cooperation on the part of the government regarding the issue, some opposition parties have been finding opportunities to disrupt the government and harm the democratic process which is still in its nascent stage. The Panama case has created much chaos and turmoil due to which, many times, the smooth functioning of the government has been hampered by protests and sit-ins.

If a matter is being reviewed by the apex court, then all the parties involved in it should leave the matter in the hands of the judiciary and let it be decided according to the law. First of all there was not patience shown by the parties who had filed the case. The judicial process takes its time and this was the first ever accountability case in Pakistan of such a grave nature, so it needed due time and careful consideration. There is no doubt in the fact that accountability should be throughout in our country, but to take the matters personally and not letting the judiciary do its job properly is not the desired course.

After 57 days, the judgement of the Panama papers case was revealed according to which three judges asked for a further probe into the matter by forming a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) while the other two differed in their judgement and ordered the disqualification of the Prime Minister. According to the law, the judgement of the majority judges prevails and now a JIT will be formed to probe the matter further and will give its report to the judges’ panel. The opposition parties, who are demanding the disqualification of the Prime Minister, seem oblivious of the fact that majority judges did not disqualify him and they should accept the decision of the Supreme Court. Many claims were made during the judicial proceedings that the decision would be accepted, but now the opposition parties do not seem to accept it, which is troublesome.

The chaos and disruption of the recent session of the Parliament shows the lack of maturity of some parliamentarians. The Panama case is still sub-judice and till the report of the JIT, the final decision on it will not be possible. All political parties need to show some restraint instead of shouting anti-government slogans inside the respectable and esteemed Lower House and Upper House. This will seriously affect the democratic process which Pakistan has achieved with many sufferings. All the opposition should patiently wait for the final verdict of the Supreme Court and let the current government complete its term peacefully. The next elections should be held in time and with patience because that is in everybody’s interest.

On the other hand the Prime Minister has said that he respects the decision of the Supreme Court and cooperation will extended by the government regarding the investigation of the Joint Investigation Team. The team’s work will not be hampered at any cost. This assurance and goodwill should be enough, and all should show some patience and restraint. The opposition should refrain from any kind of protests, nation-wide movements and sit-ins. Such protests have already cost the country much and they should avoid such things in the national interest. The Prime Minister and the government have shown a lot of patience during the whole judicial process and the sit-ins before that and now its time for the opposition to show patience till the matter is sub judice and is being probed and investigated. This is necessary for the sake of democracy and this is the beauty of democracy.