KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi has launched one million petitions drive as a part of its comprehensive campaign against the K-Electric (KE).

The drive is aimed at providing the affected consumers of KE with a platform for waging a legal battle against the company. JI Karachi chief Engineer Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman launched the campaign on Tuesday after addressing a press conference at JI's camp outside the K-Electric's head office. Further talking about the campaign, he said that the party would approach the Supreme Court (SC) after compiling issues of one million people from across the city.

Speaking on the occasion, he reiterated that the JI will continue the campaign against the company.

He, however, made it clear that the sit-in against the KE and the government would be held outside the Governor’s House as per schedule on Saturday April 29.

He clarified that the party intended to hold a peaceful sit-in. “However, the government will be responsible for the situation if the peaceful protest is disrupted,” Naeem warned. To a question, he said that Sindh Governor had contacted him twice.

He further said that the party had welcomed the governor's offer of holding negotiations with the KE.

He further said that the governor was told that any meeting would be fruitless if it would be held without the presence of representatives from NEPRA and the federal government. “Furthermore, the governor was also told that dialogue would only be held with the owners of KE and not with paid employees of second category,” the JI leader disclosed.

He said that the KE administrators were contemplating fleeing from the country as they had been concealing their accounts since June 2016, which was another clear violation of rules and regulations. Naeem said it was also the responsibility of Karachiites to support the party and come forward against KE for their own rights. The JI leader also said that KE's De-rated production capacity was 2093 megawatts while NTDC provided 650 and IPPs provided it with 350 megawatts of electricity. "The KE administration is imposing loadshedding despite the fact that the production capacity of the company is more than the requirement," he said, and added that Karachiites needed almost 2300 megawatts of electricity whereas the KE's production capacity and the electricity made available to the company by IPPs and the federal government is almost 3093 megawatts.

Engineer Naeem also alleged that KE's administration was directly responsible for subjecting citizens of Karachi to loadshedding in this heat. “The situation is a blunt and open violation of NEPRA rules,” he said.  

The JI leader further said that the KE was discriminating against certain areas when it came to loadshedding which, he argued, itself was violation of rules.

He added that the constitution of the country as well as NEPRA rules ensured that the federal government and the power company would provide uninterrupted electricity to each and every consumer who paid his bills. Naeem also questioned the authenticity of KE's claim that it had eliminated loadshedding from 61 percent areas of the city.