Islamabad- Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) established a core committee to review legislations regarding rights of children, draw an effective implementation plan, design awareness campaigns and ensure its regular monitoring for a secure and conducive environment of our future generation. All the stakeholders including child rights activists, academicians, official of various ministries, policy makers, lawyers and media persons should be part of this core committee.

Community leaders including respectable of the local natives, Imams of mosques and teachers are also being involved to disseminate the message of children rights and convince them not to involve them labour at young age.

“Quotes of Islam regarding rights of children, drawbacks of their involving children in work and importance of education for their future should be printed for mass awareness of people,” official sources told APP.

These pamphlets would be disseminated in schools and madrassas and other community gathering to educate people to safeguard their rights.

He informed that it is also under consideration that children from the age of 14 to 18 should be allowed to work legally but with the restriction not to involve them in any kind of hazardous work so that they can support their families but not at the cost of their own safety.

Lot of work has been done on legislation for the rights of children but now it’s time to develop referral system so that vulnerable children can be shifted in case any emergency, he shared.