LAHORE - If the women legislators from the PML-N are to be believed, the Bani Gala residence of the PTI chief Imran Khan has become a den of narcotics where all kinds of prohibited drugs like cocaine and charas are available for consumption by the addicts.

On Tuesday, when the PTI-led Opposition agitated the issue of Panama leaks on the Assembly floor, demanding Prime Minister’s resignation, the PML-N women brigade was quick to point out the alleged presence of narcotics dens at Khan’s Islamabad residence.

They brought this information into the notice of Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal and demanded that these dens must be closed in public interest. 

May be they had the videos, photographs and other proofs with them, supposedly from some nark, but the Speaker chose not to respond to the protesting ladies for reasons best known to him. He posed as if he did not hear anything.

But he also showed indifference to PTI’s sloganeering against the Prime Minister: “Gali Gali mein shoar hai; Nawaz Sharif Chor hai”.

It remains a standard practice in the Assembly that whenever the Opposition and the Treasury trade barbs by raising derogatory slogans against each other’s leaders, the Speaker would act as a silent spectator for most of the time occasionally raising his voice to maintain order in the House.

Order is maintained automatically when the two sides exhaust themselves both mentally and physically.

Law Minister Rana Sanaullah who represents the government in the Assembly also preferred to ignore the voice coming from the Treasury benches though it was so loud and clear.

The loud sloganeering: “Bani Gala se cocaine ke adday bund karo” (Close down the narcotics’ dens at Bani Gala ), was audible even in the Press Gallery. But it went largely unheard at the concerned quarters most probably for the reason that it was not a provincial subject.

Since the Bani Gala house of the PTI chief falls in the jurisdiction of the Federal capital, it is the duty of the capital police to dispatch a raiding party to Khan’s residence to unearth the alleged narcotics’ dens as pointed out by the women legislators.

Also, the women on the Treasury Benches came up with the information last Monday that Khan was a ‘Charsi’. Yesterday, they had a new piece of information about his being a ‘Bhangi’, a person who drinks a liquid made from cannabis leaves. “Alwida Alwida; Bhangi, Charsi Alwida” (Good bye to Bhangis and Charsis) was the new slogan from the women lawmakers who seem to be good at inventing new slogans than their lawmaking business.

On Tuesday, the ladies on the treasury benches seemed greatly impressed by the natural rhythm produced by a PPP slogan, which reads: “Bhutto de narray wajan gay”.

 The innovative ladies ‘cracked into’ this slogan, modified it a little and then threw it on the PTI benches in the new form. “Mian de narray wajan gay, Yahoodi saray nasan gay”.

For the PML-N legislators, Imran Khan Niazi is an agent of the Jewish lobby working here in Pakistan to harm country’s vital interests.