LAHORE - Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Rafiq Tarar has said the trust has been imparting ideas of founding fathers of Pakistan among youth to protect the ideological and geographical borders of the country.

Presiding over a meeting at the Aiwan-i-Karkunan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan Tuesday, he said: “Pakistan came into being because of myopic approach of Hindus and it is high time to apprise the youth of this very fact in order to build Pakistan in line with the ideas and thoughts of the founding fathers.” He added Pakistani youth must be aware of the struggle their ancestors did for a separate homeland. He stressed the need for joint efforts to defeat enemies.

“India is creating confusion in the mind of Pakistani youth with regard to the independence movement. It is using media to deviate Pakistani youth from the ideological basis of Pakistan.” He urged the participants to hold workshops and seminars to keep the youth aware of the adversities. He said the Trust has constituted Nazaria-i-Pakistan societies to meet this goal of national importance.  He has expressed the hope that the trust would set up such societies in every educational institution across the country.