SADIQABAD-The Food Department officials and other staff at the wheat procurement centres have neglected the small farmers and are allegedly distributing gunny bags to traders and influential persons.

The district administration and the Food Department high-ups, instead of resolving farmers problem, have turned a deaf ear to their complaints.

Talking to media, representative of small farmer including Hafiz Saeed Mustafa, Haji Sultan Ahmed, Qamar Iqbal, Muhammad Ahmed and Abdus Sattar said that the government indifference has let the officials exploit the farmers. They said that the officials have connived with traders and allegedly are distributing gunny bags to influential persons of the tehsil. “While the small farmers have been ignored completely,” they regretted. They said that the unjust distribution of gunny bags have deprived the farmers of storing their wheat and selling it at fair prices. They alleged that businessmen are being provided gunny bags, regretting those who have right to the sacks have been ignored.

“We complained to the RY Khan DC and the District Food Controller about the irregularity but the complaints were fell on deaf ears,” they claimed.

They demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take notice of corruption being carried at wheat procurement centres and order officials concerned to address the farmers’ woes.



The first and foremost duty of the police is to keep the poor and helpless persons protected against oppression and exploitation.

City Police SHO Ch Safdar Iqbal said while talking to media here the other day.

He said that drug-peddlers, gamblers and those who have been running brothels in the area are enemies of the nation and will be dealt with sternly. He appealed to the public to inform the police about such activities in the city police jurisdiction. He pledged to award exemplary punishment to such elements, saying those who have been ruining the youth do not deserve any leniency and will be awarded exemplary punishment.