While commenting on Panama Papers verdict, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanullah hinted about filing review petition on the note of contention of two senior judges.

Talking to media, the minister said legal team of Sharif family is pondering on these notes and if they give clearance then he himself will file a review petition in Supreme Court.

“Imran Khan and his party are propagating these ‘notes’ as if these are religious commandments,” said Sanaullah.

While talking about ‘The Godfather’ reference given by larger-bench in the verdict, law minister said that it is ‘just a drama, a fiction, a novel and nothing else.’

“We have been following Quran and Hadith for last 1400 years. Hence, we will not be impressed by this mere quotation which is a lie and a fraud without any authentication,” Sanaullah maintained.

In the Panama verdict, Supreme Court started the decision with Mario Puza’s novel ‘The Godfather’ famous quotation, “Behind every great fortune there is a crime.”

The leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has criticized this quote and called it a direct attack on its leader Nawaz Sharif.

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