HAFIZABAD-Wheat crops lying in threshing floor in over 150 acres in over a dozen villages were reduced to ashes in more than 10 villages during the past few days.

According to rescue sources and villagers, wheat crop over 50 acres in village Dharanwali, owned by Afzal Shahzad and Kifal Hussain, was destroyed due to sudden fire and heavy winds.

Similarly, wheat crops in 20 acres in village Sandhwan Tarar and harvesting machine were burnt. The wheat was owned by Khawar Abbas. However, Rescue-1122 rushed to the spot and saved the wheat crop lying in the adjacent fields.

In another incident, wheat corps in 10 acres in village Bhopa Chadhran, owned by Muhammad Bashir, Muhammad Wazir, Muhammad Ashraf and Muhammad Younas was also burnt to ashes.

In Bogiwala village, one hundred bags of wheat were totally burnt.

In village Bucha Nau, wheat crop in 9 acres, owned by Muhammad Azam, Sabir Hussain, Muhammad Tufail and Asghar Hussain was burnt to ashes.

According to villagers, the fire erupted as somebody had thrown match stick in the fields.

Although farmers have forgotten the incidents by deeming it as the will of God, yet they have suffered huge losses. The farming community, especially the small farmers have urged the government to compensate the farmers.


Earth Day was observed here under the auspices of Rescue-1122. A walk was organised which was led by District Emergency Officer Sibghatullah and Safety Officer Shoukat Ali. A large number of students and citizens took part in the walk. On the occasion, the district emergency called on citizens to ensure maximum plantation of trees to eliminate pollution. Moreover, they should desist from burning filth and garbage and maintain natural beauty in their surroundings by planting ornamental flowers.