SADIQABAD- A woman of Chak 148 was gang-raped her neighbours while the police are reluctant to arrest the accused.

Husband of the affected woman told the media that he, along with his wife, planned to visit his in-laws in Lahore. His neighbours - Tahir, Imran and Shakil offered him to travel along with them on a tractor-trolley. He agreed to travel to Lahore along with them. Travelling to Lahore, they allegedly fed him some intoxicants which left him unconscious at which the accused gang raped his wife.

He alleged that the police are reluctant to arrest the culprits as they have political influence at their back. “The accused are also threatening to kill us along with our one-year-old daughter,” he said.

Relatives of the affected woman sought justice from the government. They demanded stern action against the accused urged the government to make them an example for others.