LAHORE-One of the founding members of Pakistan Film Industry and legendry artiste Naeem Hashmi will be remembered on his death anniversary on 27th April (tomorrow).

Naeem Hashmi, a versatile hero who performed in more than 100 Urdu and Punjabi films, was basically a great poet and his death is a death of genius. In 1948, Syed Naeem Hashmi presented a drama named “Shadi” in Odeon cinema Hall. He was the writer and director of “Shadi” drama.

The cast of that drama was M. lsmail, Alla-ud-Din, Begum Perveen, Rafiq Anwar, Wal Madas and cameraman hafiz Kandhari.

Naeem wrote lyrics, stories and proved himself a good actor. He made a film on Kashmir issue named “lnqalab-e-Kashmir”. He brought to light the pains and miseries of innocent Kashmiri people. But government at that time banned the film on Kashmir. Naeem Hashmi wrote a national anthem. This was recorded in the voice of Sagar Siddique.

Naeem started his filmy career from Calcutta in 1945. He worked with Aereka as hero in the film “Chandni Chowk” of Chopra Family. He started script writing with the help of poet Saifud-din Aereka is even now active in her life. The first film of Naeem Hashmi with Rakhshi was “Diwane do”. Naeem produced his first film “Khatoon” in Pakistan and himself was the writer of that film. In which deceased Nazir presented himself in the character of villain and after that, during the whole life he performed the role of villain.

 His remarkable films are “Sarfarosh”, “Choti Begum”, “Sathi”, “Noor-ul-Islam”, “Ayaz”, “Darwaza”, “Shama” and “Azra”. He produced and directed many films. He also wrote stories and lyrics for many films. He made his personal film named “Nigah”.

Today renowned producers think that Naeem Hashmi wrote subjects like “Jadogar”, “Changez Khan”, “Nigar”, and “Ilzam” before time and if these films would be reproduced they will be very successful.

Naeem was a pupil of Maulana Abul-Kalam Aza and Ata-ullah Shah Bukhari in literature and art. Many artists in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh try to imitate him. He had full authority over English and Farsi. He had a distinctive personality that makeup man always tried to make him up too ugly for not being beautiful. Naeem performed role of villain in many films, the heroes of that films were Nazir, Santosh Kumar, Darpan, kamal, Sudher, Habib, Aijaz, Vousuf khan. He was a diabetes patient that’s why no body could believe that he will grow old before time. In the last days of his life he wanted to compose a book of poetry but unfortunately before fulfilling his desire he died.