I write to your good self to express my deep concern over the problem of health hazards caused by fast food. The tsunami of junk food has struck the entire world. It has wreaked havoc on the health of people, especially of children. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol imbalance, headaches, depression, dental problems, etc., never ever abounded as much before the advent of junk foods as they do now.

The only advantages of fast food are to the manufacturers. There is little nutritional value in them. These foods are often high in calories yet offer little or no nutritional value. When fast food frequently replaces nutritious foods in your diet, it can lead to poor nutrition, poor health, and weight gain. Tests in lab animals have even shown a negative effect in short duration diets. Being overweight is a risk factor for a variety of chronic health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Through the medium of your esteemed daily, I appeal to the Health Ministry to look into the matter and take preventive measures in this regard. We cannot just allow the fast food companies to play with the health of children of our nation. I also appeal to people to abstain themselves from eating too much fast food.


Karachi, April 4.