Plastic bags are a major contributor towards the deterioration of our environment. It is a threat to life on Earth. As plastic bags cause land, air and water pollution, therefore, a ban is imminent. We have seen such bans in various countries.

However, they are still being widely used in most parts of the world. Plastic bags are readily available in the market and which is quite unfortunate. These are especially popular at the grocery stores since they come handy in carrying the grocery items. Available in various sizes these are quite economical. These bags are costing us our beautiful environment. Yes! The plastic bags that we use in our everyday life are hazardous to the environment. The problem is much serious than it appears.

Researchers claim that plastic bags are a major cause of water pollution. These are also responsible for making our agricultural lands infertile and a cause of a number of other serious problems. Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags in order to ensure a cleaner and greener environment. Our country has passed some laws to prohibit the use of plastic bags. However, the implementation of these laws has not been proper. These are still available in the market. The retailers provide goods in these bags and the shoppers gladly take their stuff in these easy to carry bags. It is time each one of us must understand the severity of the issue and stop the use of plastic bags. It is high time we must understand the intensity at which plastic is destroying our environment and making life difficult for plants, animals, marine creatures as well as human beings. The use of plastic products needs reduction to ensure a cleaner environment.


Karachi, April 4.