At present, our educational system does not allow our children to explore their potential. The system depends upon rote learning. The students are devoid of any creativity and innovation. This lack of interest and motivation is one reason why so many drops out of school.

Every individual is unique and born with certain inherent potential or talent, which helps in learning things easily and quickly. Psychologists call this ‘aptitude’. In Pakistan, however, the preferred method of instruction assumes that everyone can learn different materials in the same pedagogy, without assessment and evaluation of aptitudes of students of various grades and levels. Due to the lack of a learner-centered approach along with the lack of counseling and guidance about their aptitudes, many students face uncertainty in their selection of subjects and career path. To meet this challenge, educational institutions must shift their focus from theoretical teaching to a learner-centered, practical approach along with adequate counseling and guidance for students. To understand their potential and aptitude, to choosing the right career path and to be empowered in their educational choices.


Karachi, April 4.