Mohateer Mohammad beautifully quotes in his book,” If you have ten acres and you plant crops, you will get the fruits after a year. If you have ten acres and you make a university, you get the fruits after generation to generations.”

Obliviously, education is very important tool for everyone to succeed and get a better and prosperous life. The essence of education, definitely, tells the importance of life. Nevertheless, those who knew the worth of education are today ruling the world directly or indirectly. Today the country, Japan( situated in far east Asia) could be in its worst phase if it didn’t work on its education after being nuked by USA on its main cities, Hiroshema and Nagasaki. The country, however, exactly after three days, made functional its education sectors after the enormous massacre.

As a result, in 2008, Japan was recognized as the second richest state worldwide. In addition, this is only because of education, if today Iceland is known as the most peaceful country in the world. According to a survey, there was not a single crime occurring in the country in the span of 2015 to 2018.

Thus, education is the only source to prevent the ratio of crime, unemployment and to abolish the deadly diseases.


Turbat, April 5.