ISLAMABAD-Besides passage of more than three years, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is yet to complete a project initiated to turn Ataturk Avenue into a dual carriageway.

The construction work on Ataturk Avenue, commonly known as Embassy Road began in 2017 in previous government but from day first, it is facing delays due to poor planning of the city managers.

The project was first stopped when the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) objected over cutting down more than a hundred trees and the project remained suspended for a year.

Later, the agency allowed CDA to resume work and the authority had set a target to complete it by November 2018 but it found another impediment when the authority went into a dispute with Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (Iesco) over shifting of service lines.

The same dispute was also resolved amicably in July 2019 as both organisations reached an agreement for shifting of service lines falling inside the alignment of road.

Though, at present the road is being used by commuters but the project could not be finished so far besides passage of several months and a final layer of carpeting on the whole avenue, line marking and installment of signals are yet to be carried out.

“It can be observed while travelling on this road that unavailability of signal at NADRA intersection is posing a great threat,” a senior officer of CDA commented, adding; “It can become a cause for any untoward incident in future if not installed.”

“God knows, why the managements remain uninterested in projects started by successive regimes,” he said.

When contacted, Director Public Relation CDA MazharHussain informed that about 90 percent work has been completed and remaining work is pending due to coronavirus pandemic and same will be completed soon.

Replying to a question regarding change in PC-I of the project, he confirmed that now the project would be expanded till Jinnah Avenue and there is no plan to expand it further at the moment.

The said avenue was originally planned up to AyubChowk but last year CDA has decided to only expand the road up to Jinnah Avenue, after an objection from the Ministry of Climate Change.

Sources informed, if it was expanded up to AyubChowk, the project would have cost Rs320 million. Since it has been curtailed up to D-Chowk, the cost of the project will be reduced to Rs140million.