FAISALABAD         -         Out of 667 Shiite devotees, members of the Tableeghi Jamaat and others, who had come to Faisalabad recently, 499 have returned to their respective districts and provinces so far due to their negative reports.

These include 293 devotees, 57 preachers and 149 travelers from Dubai.

According to the spokesperson of the district administration, out of total 258 locals of the city who have been tested for the coronavirus so far, 156 have tested negative, 34 have tested positive, while 10 have recovered and have been sent home. The spokesperson said that a total of 287 passengers had reached Faisalabad via two flights from Dubai during the last one day, who, he said, will be kept in quarantine at centers made for the purpose as well as hotels.

The spokesperson further said that 22 confirmed Covid-19 patients were currently undergoing treatment at Government General Hospital Ghulam Muhammadabad.

“Out of total 35 people, who have been admitted so far for being suspected patients, three have died,” the spokesman said, and added that 10 people from the same house in Nadir Town area of the city had tested positive for the pandemic and had been admitted to General Hospital Ghulam Muhammadabad. 

“Therefore, citizens are urged to take precautionary measures, stay at home so that not only they but also their families can be protected from the virus,” the spokesperson concluded.