ISLAMABAD-The Millennium Education TME – a leading 21st Century Education System has extended the access from the classroom environment to the learner’s home through ‘Connecting Classrooms’ via MATRIX – Learning Management System that has digitalized the learning processes for its students nationwide and will bridge any gaps among its stakeholders; the classroom, the teacher and the learner, says a press release. The decision to transition digital classes is part of an attempt at “social distancing,” the practice of limiting large gatherings and in-person contact to inhibit the transmission of the coronavirus amongst the student body.

Thousands of students and parents at a time across The Millennium Education have enabled online education, making Connecting Classrooms of The Millennium Education via MATRIX, virtually viral in times of the pandemic and onwards. The Millennium Education has perpetually invested in promoting e-education and ubiquity of the provision to ensure ‘the learner’ and ‘the teacher’ is not at loss during any stage of the teaching and learning process.

The teachers of The Millennium Education have been equipped with 21st Century tools for teaching and learning and at this time of need, TME is ready to take the challenge of a providing a non-stop learning to its students through the inclusion of digitalization of the course and classroom. Special circumstances require special measures and adaptability from all key stakeholders including the parents, learners, teachers and the school administration. It is the responsibility of schools to adopt a more holistic approach and be prepared for such circumstances which hinder the course of regular schooling and impinges on the safety, wellbeing, health, hygiene and security of our learners.

The Millennium Education believes in the optimal utilization of technology to follow the best global practices. MATRIX is a cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure dynamic platform that allows Millennium Education to manage digital learning through web, anytime anywhere in the world. It establishes the connectivity between Campuses, Teachers, Millennials and Parents in a most effective manner.

MATRIX, by The Millennium Education launched its Connecting Classrooms initiative via web portal. It has exposed avenues of streamlined study regimes for all learners of TME. The portal enables students and parents to traverse independently and have personalized access. Moreover, the user interface is extremely user-friendly where parents and learners are provided with grade and subject wise links to access online learning, study material, printable worksheets, classwork updates, reinforcement plans, virtual classrooms, tutorials, home-study updates, assessments records and e progress cards.

The Millennium Education’s continuity in planning through leveraging online technology assets is a critical tool for preparedness. We believe if done well, the result will not only be a readiness for unforeseen situations, but also a greater acceptance of online learning. TME plans to build a stability plan for the short term that supports toward a vision of a more resilient, technology-leveraged learning for the future.