PESHAWAR       -            During a two-day operation, Mohmand police destroyed 448 kanals of poppy crops in Mount Morbando, Sonde and Tor Tam area of Lower Mohmand tehsil Ambar of Mohmand tribal district, DSP Pasham Gul told the media yesterday.  He said that a total of 3853 kanals of poppy crop was destroyed in a 23-day operation against opium crop in remote hilly areas of Mohmand district. 

He said that on the instructions of Regional Police Officer Mardan Sher Akbar Khan the Mohmand police launched a grand operation against opium crop in the remote areas of Mohmand district.

In Lower Mohmand Tehsil Ambar, DSP Pashm Gul Khan, Sub-Inspector Niaz Gul and ASI Iftikhar along with a heavy contingent of local police destroyed 175 kanals of secretly cultivated poppy crops in the hilly area of Koh Moor Bando.

Meanwhile, under the supervision of DSP Khalid Khan, Mohmand police personnel destroyed another 273 kanals of opium crop in Chengi, Sonde, Tor Tam and Gonde areas of Prang Ghar Upper tehsil.