Not imposing a curfew proved to be the right decision taken by the government of Pakistan. When last week Imran Khan had a meeting with senior journalists of the country he said: ‘Lockdown is the last stage of curfew. The poor section of the society is worried about the curfew. God forbid if we are forced to impose the curfew, we will have to prepare for it. The curfew cannot be successful if we cannot provide food in the poor localities.’

Let’s not forget the decisions made in haste are more dangerous and can harm us than any disease can.

India did the opposite and imposed the curfew in its many states resulting in such a great loss they couldn’t have imagined. It’s a possibility that their economy might not be stable even after the pandemic ends. They imposed the curfew without considering the consequences.

I think Imran Khan made the right decision of not imposing the complete lockdown in the country because no one can predict the time coronavirus might leave. Decisions all around the globe need to be taken wisely.