Jihadi movements claim that suicide bombing is part of jihad and is allowed in Islam. Basically these people are responsible for creating the wrong image of Islam. These self-proclaimed 'true followers of Islam' are actually totally ignorant of the basic teachings of our religion. Islam is a religion of peace whose message is for welfare of the entire mankind. Suicide is not allowed in Islam. As for taking the life of another human being, Islam equates one innocent murder with murder of the whole humanity. A suicide bomber, thus, has no sanction of the Islamic Shariah. In a statement on August 6, the TTP spokesman Maulvi Omer threatened to launch countrywide suicide attacks in Pakistan. He said TTP had prepared a squad of suicide bombers aged 15-20 including women. I want to ask them what kind of jihad they are fighting in a Muslim country by killing fellow Muslims and what kind of Shariah they want to enforce through suicide bombings against innocent people? They must realize that through these acts of violence, they are distorting the true image of Islam. -SIDRA YOUNIS, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 15.