As news of Musharraf's departure made headlines throughout the national newspapers, an excited media turned a blind eye to one of the most ferocious military operations in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. This indicates, contrary to what the media has been projecting, that the departure of America's closest ally in the region would not make the slightest difference as far as Pakistan's self destructive foreign and internal policies are concerned. As the biggest migration in the history of tribal area was taking place, Pakistani coalition leaders were busy preparing a charge sheet against President Musharraf. It had all the crimes he committed against the Pakistani nation except the biggest of them all, fighting for America in its war against Islam. The coalition leaders are trying to establish that the people hated Musharraf because of his autocratic policies and abrogation of the constitution, side-stepping the real reasons for Musharraf's unpopularity; his overtly secular, anti Islamic policies and his participation in America's war. It seems the PPP government has timed the political maneuver against Musharraf to act as a smokescreen for the operation in the tribal areas. -MOEZ MOBEEN, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 18.