LAHORE (APP) - All the edibles making factories will be given a 30-day deadline to observe the standard as per relevant rules. Chief Minister's Task Force on Essential Items and Food Stamp Scheme, Chairman (South Punjab) S.A. Hameed disclosed this in a press briefing held at CM Secretariat here on Monday. CMTF Chairman (North Punjab) Sami Ullah Chaudhry also accompanied him. S.A. Hameed said that Punjab Government after making necessary amendment in the relevant Rules on Food keeping in view the fast changes taking place in the food industry and now these new rules have been implemented in letter and spirit. Under the new rules, he said, all the edibles manufacturers would be given a 30-day notice through advertisements in the national media. The manufacturers, found involved in the adulteration of food items, would be put behind the bar for minimum five years and maximum 14 years, while a fine of Rs 500,000 to Rs 1.5 million could be imposed on them, he added. The Chairman said that suppliers and contractors providing sub-standard food items to the consumers, would also be taken to task by the government. To a question, the Chairman (North Punjab) Sami Ullah Chaudhry said that government to ensure price of per 20 kg flour bag up to Rs 300/- during holy month of Ramadan. He further said government would provide subsidy and wheat quota to flour mills owners before the start of Ramadan. Giving details of the CMTF's performance, S.A. Hameed presented a report of May 2008 to the media men. According to the report of Food Testing Lab Government Public Analyst, a total of 3,745 food samples were received out of which 1,215 items were found pure, while 2,530 items were proved sub-standard thus the adulteration rate in edibles remained at 67.56 percent during May 2008. The lab tested the beverages, oil and fats, milk and milk products, cereals, spices, tea and miscellaneous, he added. To another question, both the chairmen expressed their commitment to thoroughly check the items to effectively control the edibles' adulteration.