LAHORE - Dogs Victim Clinic, situated at the Birdwood Road, Jail Road, Lahore, has suspended the free of cost anti-rabies vaccination to the patients due to financial constraints putting the lives hundreds of dog-bite patients at risk. It has been learnt reliably that the said clinic was seriously facing shortage of vaccination. The Dogs Victim Clinic was the only health center providing treatment to the patients across the province. Patients are visiting the clinic from far-flung areas of the province daily. The clinic withdrew the free of cost facility after federal government refused to provide more anti-dog-bite vaccination due to non-availability of funds. The course of vaccination comprises 14 injections which are normally administered to a dog-bite victim absolutely free of cost at the clinic. About 30 to 40 patients visit the clinic daily. Many patients especially the poor ones return without getting treatment due to shortage of vaccination. When contacted, Bacteriologist, Assistant Professor Dr Zarafishan Tahir said that Dogs Victim Clinic was unable to provide free of cost vaccination after the federal government stopped funding for the vaccination. She said that in order to facilitate the patients, the Punjab government had arranged a newly introduced imported vaccination course that comprised only four injections. The previous treatment of 14 injections was very painful to the patients and was not giving hundred per cent result, she disclosed. She said that the clinic had been catering to the needs of around 200 patients including 30 new cases and around 170 old patients visiting it daily. After shortage of vaccination, the clinic management with the help of Punjab health department has arranged imported vaccination. She said that the department was still not in the position to provide imported vaccination, too costly to be given free of cost to the patients. Only first injection is given free to every patient, she said, adding for other three injections the patients were required to make arrangements on their own. " Asif Chaudhry