LAHORE- The on-going movement of the lawyers, is likely to be largely fuelled by the political parties on the Opposition side of the govt, after  PML(N) pulled itself out of the coalition. The PML(N) has left the coalition citing the demand for judges reinstatement for which legal fraternity throughout the county, has been fighting over the last one and a half years. The N-league has not only expressed open support to the movement but it has also fielded a retired judge as their candidate in the election to stay closer to the lawyers and their cause. Justice (Retd) Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui is indeed a candidate with potential showing not only the PML(N) deep supports to the demand of an independent judiciary but also respect by this party, mainly rooted in the Punjab, for a man from a smaller province, Sindh. With exception to 1981 PCO under late General Zia, Justice Siddiqui as the then Chief Justice of Pakistan in January 2000 refused to take oath under the PCO and later on staunchly backed the cause of an independent judiciary. He is quite apolitical figure, fully fit in the character of a Head of State as defined by the Constitution. He is a fatherly figure taking care of all with impartiality and acting in the interest of the State without going into personal liking and disliking. Justice Siddiqui is naturally a choice of the lawyers and regardless of the fact what remain outcome of his contest with Asif Ali Zardari, he is sure to provide to big boost to the lawyers movement likely to be augmented by Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry's visit to the bar. First time in the political history a political party has stood for the independent judiciary which in the past has been the first target of every govt whether civil or military- former by inducing the judges of its choice and latter by subjecting the judges to the PCO, says a senior jurist. At present lawyers leadership has a divided opinion on how to regulate the movement but they all want reinstatement of judges, however, differing on the mode of reinstatement toeing the line adopted by their respective political party. PPP affiliated lawyers are not at all hopeless of the judges reinstatement and a majority of them favour the mode their party will adopt. An expert says, despite this all lawyers movement with the support of the PML(N) and APDM would certainly get a boost. He also sees APDM, which has extended it support to the movement, playing an active role if not in the Parliament but on the road. Judges issue is very much likely to resound in the House by the PML(N) sitting on in the Opposition benches, and the situation is likely to be more pronounced in Punjab where the PML(N) is in coalition with the PPP. And how the PPP Ministers pose to counter it is another big question. The jurists see lawyers movement becoming intense in the time to come but at the same time find it subsided to an end, if the govt reinstates all the judges. However, before reaching that end, the likelihood cannot be ruled out that the govt is attempting once again the same August 7 late afternoon move to restore some of the deposed judges of Sindh followed by some other in Punjab to achieve the purpose of creating cleavage in the unity of deposed judges as well as to take the steam out of the lawyers movement. In case the movement got intensified under the umbrella of Punjab govt, the expert say, the central govt may take to the measures to replace the govt or take it under its own control. Or the steps may also come to control the media which is fairly presenting the movement to the public. The PPP govt too is not denying judges reinstatement and if it does without undue delay as per the democratic voice of people, it would in fact be a win win situation for all. Otherwise, the country was passing through a serious phase not able to afford to any further damage. The sagacity and wisdom is what required by all stakeholders to control further damage, a senior jurist said.