Being Pakistanis, we would love to see all cricket teams coming here to enjoy our hospitality. But I am not sure we would be able to provide foolproof security to our guests. This is not a question of capability. The suicide bombers can defy even best of security arrangements to attack anyone, anywhere. If they decide to hit you, you cannot do anything except pray for luck. So I think it's better to play Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka or England than putting the players under stress of playing with their lives at risk. I wish to clarify here that people of Pakistan are very hospitable and caring. I get to meet a lot of foreigners who have totally changed feelings about Pakistan once they have enjoyed our hospitality. I just think its better to play safe; better lose out on some cricket than lose some lives (God forbid). -ABDUL RAUF, Fateh Jang, via e-mail, August 15.