Ghaus Ali Shah the only well known leader of PML-N in Sindh returned after seven years of self-imposed exile. It appears the PML-N spent a lot of money bringing in people from interior to welcome him just to show they have some following in Sindh. Among many things that he said upon arrival, he also said that people of Karachi want change. The fact is that not only Karachi but also people of whole Pakistan want a change in the government. They want problems of sky-rocketing prices to be brought in control, food and power shortages be solved, the terrible fall in worth of the rupee against hard currencies to be stopped and the increase in terrorism under the new regime be checked. Detractors of Ghaus Ali Shah have always regarded him as a stooge of General Zia, and Nawaz Sharif after him. During his tenure as the CM Sindh, he took measures to weaken PPP, fan ethnic hatred and encourage arming of ethnic groups like MQM(H), PPI, JS etc. His role during the military action ordered by Nawaz Sharif in the urban areas of Sindh is still remembered with hatred. People of Sindh want change but they don't want dummies like him in key posts. They want real leadership to come forward and take timely decisions to better their lot. -NS, via e-mail, August 18.