This is with reference to Aisha Arif Bawaney's letter "Ensuring speedy Justice for Aafia" (August 16, 2008). The blame rests with Musharraf who has himself acknowledged acceptance of all seven demands of George Bush by him after 911. He freely acknowledges in his book having handed over many innocent Pakistanis to FBI without trying them in Pakistan to determine their guilt or innocence. This was worse than what U.S. did to interned Japanese after the Pearl Harbor incident during the World War II. The war against terror is a war against Islam. Thomas P. M. Barnett describes in his book "Pentagon's new map: war and peace in the 21st century, [Buckley Books, NY 2004] on page 44: "In 1967, the decades-long war between Israel and Islam began, slowly pulling United States into fray". The war on terror is a continuation of that leading to killing of innocents in Islamic countries. -BASHIR A. SYED, Houston, USA, via e-mail, August 17.