ISLAMABAD - The hoarders and profiteers have started squeezing masses with both hands turning the holy month of blessings into a period of mental trepidation for people as in most bazaars of the federal capital sky-rocketing prices were observed despite the claims of the government to initiate different plans to counter price hike. It was very shocking to observe that a day before the month of Ramazan the prices of daily used items were different but with commencement of Ramazan the prices of different edible items reached an alarming level. The plans and strategies of the government to control price hike during Ramazan failed very badly and the hoarders and profiteers are taking law into their hands with complete impunity every day and none of the government functionaries seem to take notice of the matter. The vendors and shopkeepers had fixed rates of different commodities on their own. One kilogram apple was being sold at Rs 70 before Ramazan but now the lust for money compelled the hoarders and profiteers to increase rates and it was being sold at Rs 100 in Aabpara, Melody and Sitara market and same is the case with other fruits and vegetables. Customers at Aabpara Market, while requesting anonymity, while talking to TheNation said that first of all no one from the departments concerned was there at markets to check the price and secondly those who had been assigned to keep a check on the price were also a part of the dirty game because they took bribe from the shopkeepers and let them free to exploit masses. They lamented that the Itwar, Mangal and Juma bazaars, which had been established to provide relief to masses but now shopkeepers at these bazaars were fleecing the common people. Customers showed resentment and said that gone were the days when people used to enjoy fruits, chicken and meat because nowadays one could not buy the traditional iftar items like Pakora, Samoosa and Jalaibi. They demanded of the government to punish those who were making lives of people miserable in this holy month of Ramzan.