The protests in the federal capital have gone on long enough. It seems that everyone is sharing their views on TV and have brilliant ideas as to how the problem can be solved, but despite that nothing has changed. The sit-ins continue and the numbers (despite what one wants to believe) are increasing. Each time Imran Khan or Tahirul-Qadri address their rallies, their speeches heighten the feelings of the already charged crowd. Not only Pakistan but the whole world has their eyes on the federal capital, and what we see is not comforting.

The world is watching how the protestors stormed the red-zone and are observing a sit-in outside the parliament, but the government is not making an effort to talk or negotiate. After letting the situation spiral out of control, the government sent two committees to both the parties, and both failed to reach any conclusion. It is difficult to decide who is more stubborn, the government, whose love for power makes them refuse to surrender, or the protestors, who argue that the prime minister is not rightfully elected. Whatever the case, the fact is that the situation is worsening. Since PML-N is in power, they have to relent and solve this crisis. They have badly under-estimated and miscalculated the situation and it is time they take a decisive action.


Karachi, August 21.