With 250 percent voter turnout in many stations, with videos shown of fake voters putting in extra votes, with confirmation of single thumb impression used for multiple votes, it is all but proven that our election process is corrupt. Although the Pakistan judiciary had already failed the nation in providing justice, the judiciary also failed to stop all this corruption in the last elections. Similarly the last elections also show that media has become an independent entity and they have managed to expose corruption in many locations in the last election. Therefore I think that in the new election reforms, the Government should bring in a provision to allow media free access in all polling stations during elections. The media personnel can be issued special passes.

Similarly, stations where more than 100% votes have been registered, should have thumb and voters verified within a day, or results should be declared null and void. Lastly, since the police have also failed to stop corruption, paramilitary or armed forces can be used for security and monitoring, to keep the election process unbiased.


Peshawar, August 21.