Dear Sir,

I belong to the Butt community and have been associated with the container transport industry for more than a decade. The purpose of this letter is to condemn in the strongest possible terms the persistent negative portrayal of Butts and containers in your coverage of the ongoing political turmoil.

Linguistically, the Butt community was among the greatest victims of the advent of the East India Company in this part of the world, becoming the butt of inappropriate jokes in English language. Recently, our entire community was blamed for the violent behavior of some of our individual members. The practice stopped only after veiled threats of violence. Now, the container industry is also being made controversial.

Containers have historically made a number of positive contributions towards democracy. I hope you haven’t forgotten that it was in containers that clean shaven visitors to Afghanistan used to hide for weeks, until they had beards long enough to not be beheaded or flogged by the Taliban.

On behalf of the container industry, I strongly protest the negative representation of this useful piece of equipment and urge you to reconsider your prejudice against it.

D Jay Butt,


Dear Sir,

This is with reference to a recent report carried out by your esteemed newspaper that two suicide attackers have entered the red zone in Islamabad.

Respectfully, I beg to submit that my friend and I did not ever leave the red zone in Islamabad and have been positioned here all long. Your unethical and false reporting has given the impression to our commanders that we were not in the red zone already or had left it and re-entered.

Do you realize how much damage your unprofessional behavior can do to us? It can cost us our jobs and our lives.

Through these lines I urge PEMRA and other concerned authorities to strictly implement the media code of ethics and strengthen Pakistan’s defamation laws. Media freedom is essential for an open society that believes in democracy, but there should be some checks and balances. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Nuqsan Khan,


Dear Sir,

I am a veteran political worker who has been loyal to the PML-N his entire life. We have carried out a number of large protest rallies in the last week that were not given due coverage in the media. Because of your poor coverage, I am at a loss as to why I am protesting.

I remember writing a letter to the editor in several newspapers including yours, but it was not published. Could you send me a copy of that letter or read it and remind me why I am protesting? I have some banners and posters but the slogans on them are too general. I have read your entire newspaper but cannot find out why the workers of my party are out on the streets.

This should be seen as ample proof that the media is either incompetent or biased.

Mian BV,


Dear Sir,

I want to bring your attention to a very serious issue that has been a matter of great concern for me and my family.

Recently, pictures are being widely circulated in the print and social media of some washed shalwars and underwear that have been hung on the official signboard outside the Supreme Court building in Islamabad to dry. This is a brazen violation of my family’s privacy.

We are an eastern civilization and an Islamic society. Our very social fabric is based on honor and shame. If we will violate this fundamental code, we will have nothing to live for.

My wife, who is also participating with me in the ongoing political protest against the government, did wash our undergarments and clothes and did hang them on the Supreme Court sign to dry because they declined to let me hang them on electricity wires or spread them on the back of the stage on top of Imran Khan’s container despite the fact that it was not being used during the daytime.

We admit our mistake and are ready to pay a fine if we have to, but under no circumstances can we allow the proliferation of embarrassing pictures of our private clothing items in the media. I am a man of honor and will do anything to defend it.

I may not be able to overpower the media, but I have power over my wife.

Maulana Shohar,


The author has a degree in Poetics of Prophetic Discourse and works as a Senior Paradigm Officer.