Saturday came and passed, but the umpire didn’t raise his finger despite Imran’s strong ‘gut feeling’. The game is still on, and it is evolving for the worse. We can observe that the scope of the ‘movement’ is expanding, as more players are sucked into the war of narratives designed to distract, mislead and achieve results. Everyone had been a bad boy, begging for a good thrashing from the master. The Government, the Parliament, the superior judiciary, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the entire political class - they’re all in it, taking one hit after the other. Circumstances and players who create circumstances have made participation unavoidable. When you step on someone’s toes, they are bound to react, one way or the other. In this national argument, being wrong has become irrelevant. You can break promises as long as you make more promises. You can fall short of your claims, as long as you have more claims to make. You are free to move the goal post, if you fail to score. As long as Imran and Tahir-ul-Qadri have a story to tell, and the electronic media has listeners, the circus shall continue.

Saturday’s disappointment may have been compensated with Sunday’s surprise. Former Additional Secretary of ECP, Afzal Khan, went on Mubashir Lucman’s show, of course, to back Imran’s theory with his theory. The interview, if one may take the liberty to call it that, was a spectacle to behold. A whistleblower, answering to the call of his conscience, coming out to expose the culprits of election fraud. How exciting, how very convenient. Mr Afzal is “convinced” that his colleagues in the ECP, judges of the Supreme Court and the PML-N rigged the elections. Did he provide evidence? No. Are we expected to take him on his word? Yes. Did anyone mention that he is a PTI supporter as evident from his twitter account? No. Can he prove his many outrageous allegations in a court of law? No. Did the notorious host ask for any? No. Why would he? Again, Afzal Khan didn’t have to be right. He only had to be. He did well what he was supposed to do; whip life into a dead horse, which may not make the horse come alive but it sure does make a good, loud sound. A fresh news cycle; they’re talking about it, we’re writing about it. With Afzal’s performance, Imran has something to hold on to for now. He has already congratulated the participants of the sit-in over this ‘victory’. Their resolve and passion is making people come out with the ‘truth’, he told them. Member Election Commission, Riaz Kayani, has already rubbished Afzal’s allegations. Whether the SC will take notice remains to be seen. So far, the SC’s intervention is limited to ordering both PTI and PAT to clear the Constitution Avenue. Will they oblige? Will they be made to? Who will benefit from the chaos? Who already has?