Whenever Pakistan has tried to make peace with India, they turn around and say something farcical to make us never want to try again.

India claimed that Dawood Ibrahim owned a house in the posh sector of Pakistan’s federal capital near the Margalla hills. They were dead sure about it. The dossier prepared by New Delhi for National Security Advisors-level talks claimed he had purchased house number 7 on the Margalla Road in the F-6/2 sector. However, when the Pakistani media went to see if this was true; it turned out it was actually Dr. Maleeha Lodhi’s house, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN.

This is why we have trust issues. This really is the last time anyone should take these Indian conspiracy theories seriously.

However, Dr Lodhi is relevant to India. She cannot be compared to Dawood Ibrahim in any way, but, she does advocate a resolution of the Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of the Kashmiris – something never welcomed by them. Is this a way to signal that they will never accept a Kashmir resolution? Or is it just another way of making sure we understand how much they loathe us?

India also said that Dawood Ibrahim was living in Karachi near the Bilawal House, the residence of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. How many times do we have to tell India, that Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan?

India probably doubts our intensions since this accusation came right after the NSA talks were cancelled, but when has it ever not? The good thing is that the Pakistani government had the final word regarding the talks, and too a stand.

India seems to think we have a lot of free time on our hands; we take care of their criminal masterminds, we send pigeons to spy on them. Maybe a little retrospection is needed to see how ludicrous some of their accusations sound.