“Asia is a body built of clay and water and Afghanistan is a heart in that body ,if there will be peace in Afghanistan then there will be peace in Asia if there will be turmoil in Afghanistan then there will be turmoil in Asia”

The war in Afghanistan is spilling over into Pakistan. Enemies are using our backyard to create instability in Pakistan. The reinforcements and replenishment of terrorists in Balochistan and FATA are coming from Afghanistan. We have to secure our western border to inhibit terrorist incursion and movement. The safe heavens and hideouts of terrorists are in Afghanistan.

It’s time to end the war in Afghanistan, and broad based government in Afghanistan should be formed, which involves the Taliban in negotiations. India’s role should be limited and stakeholders should be bought to the negotiating table to seek durable peace in Afghanistan. That is in the interest of Pakistan.


Karachi, August 11.