Employees of Town Committee Jhuddo including beldars, sanitary workers, naib-qasid, chokidars, plumbers, clerks etc. are suffering hardship due to late wages in absence of TMO or any other responsible authority. All the lower staff of TC Jhuddo is on strike since last 3 days, on their legal and rightful stance, which is worrisome for overall appearance of city especially cleanliness.

However, the higher staff can manage their expenses through extra business, but it is miserable for lower staff because their expenditure of house appliances, electricity bills, school fee, rents and the household is borne through lending and which ultimately have to be returned on monthly-wages.

Mismanagement of government officials in terms of frequent transfers and the chaos and absentees due to raids by Rangers or NAB caused late wages.

Political leaders are missing from the scene, concerned authorities is sleeping and area party workers advise us to have patience, break strike and go on their duties. But this matter looks uneasy and shall go for long if not addressed soon. How will they survive who completely rely on salary only? Is anybody there to look into and solve this genuine problem seriously affecting, disturbing and delaying the lives of thousands?


Jhuddo, August 13.