S: So, did you see the recent pictures by Humans Of New York, they did a series on Pakistan.

A: Oh yeah! They were wonderful, I just love the way he frames these moments, no body else does it quite like him. I loved it, for the most part. He maybe could’ve ended on a more positive note, one that shows a more progressive side of Pakistan.

S: Really, you disagree with how it ended? He showed so many of us a problem that we had shut our eyes to for so long. Bonded labour is the last kind of true slavery, and it survives in Pakistan. I knew about it before, but the pictures revealed the sheer scale of it.

A: I understand that is important too, extremely important in fact. But what if the end had shown a side of Pakistan that is normal? A side of Pakistan that is peaceful and its problems are like the rest of the peaceful world’s? it would have countered the demonization of Pakistan in the international community – or at least do something for it. Isn’t that important too?

S: Compared to this? Not really. The reach of Humans Of New York is wide, but it can’t reach everyone, and even if they did, it cannot change the minds of people in charge just based on it’s own merit. Anyway, why present a “positive image” when diseases like bonded labor exits in our country. Lets focus on our faults first and fix them.

A: I’m sorry but I will have to disagree. I have seen enough death, destruction, sorrow, fear and injustice! It is blared at my face every day from every person and every T.V screen. Some of us need to believe there is still hope left, something to be proud of.