Karachi, known as a city of our Quaid has its own place in Pakistan. Its importance can be traced back to 1947, when the first and largest industry of cotton textile was built, and later, many others were established.

The pollution in Karachi is affecting civilians causing asthma, cancer, aids and about 70% of people living are effected by other fatal diseases. The government has also signed a contract of billion dollars with the Chinese company with the slogan to ‘Clean Karachi’ but still no improvement has been shown towards a hub of trade, which is fast becoming a hub of garbage. Apart from litter problem, the sanitation system of Karachi is also abysmal; open sewerages, drains and garbage dumps all over the city. Those who live near these drains and inhale the fumes from burning garbage are exposed to other unhealthy symptoms.

There is a dire need of “social action programs” for the proper maintenance of this city. Authorities and other institutions working for the welfare of people should fund proper burning of this garbage materials and efforts should be made either to recycle this destruction or to generate power.


Lahore, August 20.